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sleeping with the editorHi, I’m Pamela Harvey, the editor of the seventeen diverse books that you see here.   If you’re new to this website, you’re probably just beginning to see that this is a very different site.

You’ll probably want to hit the BOOKS Section first.  Submerge yourself in a world of superb choices and divergent flavors.

Next,  we’re extremely excited about our Ask The Characters Section!  Just think about it for a moment.  When have you ever been able to ask a character a question?  Think of the ramifications.   It’s easy and it’s fun.

Take the 17 Question Test From the Zen Continuum…and if you come up with some cool or off-the-wall answers, send them to us and we’ll endeavor to post them!  That first question is a Dusey!  (know where Dusey came from?  When the first Duesenberg Automobiles hit the market, they were so amazing, they coined the term)

Whether you’re a budding writer, a seasoned pro, or just curious, you’ll find the Writer’s Room filled with fascinating articles.  And there’s more…much more.  It’s a deep site with little treasures and surprises tucked away everywhere.

Once you get a taste of what this site is all about we cordially invite you to join our little group.  It’s always new and always changing.  Email us and let us know you’d like to hear from us.  We’ll only contact you when we have something interesting to say!

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