Aardvark Shovel

Aardvark Shovel, an invention by Henry HarveyYa ever notice how otters are either eating or playing or swimming or f***ing?  In several key ways Pamela and I are always doing something.  Our idea of heaven is not lying comatose on a beach, least not for very long.  Our goal, and it’s always been this way is to see what things we can improve, make better, faster, safer, more comfortable, more efficient…or more FUN!  This addiction trickles down to all kinds of places…sometimes to bicycles, sometimes to chess games, rakes, shovels, wall fasteners, windshield wipers.  In between writing and editing which are Pamela’s and my first love, inventing is a close fourth.  The eating…and that other one at the end are three and two respectively.

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  1. Mimi says:

    I’ve always loved otters, both the fresh water river otters and sea otters! Yes, they are a wonderful example of how to live one’s life and living is doing, not lying around in the sun, you’re right. Keep up the good work!
    There are so many things yet to be invented, written about, lived.

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