Humpy Humpy and Other Infamous Animal Stories


Humpy Humpy
and Other Infamous
Animal Stories
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If you hated 37 Cents a Fart, the first in this two-book expose, you’re really going to hate this one!  But the corollary is true as well.  If you liked it well…just run down the list of chapter titles.  What is remedial boinking?  You’re about to find out. Cogito Ergo…huh?  I forgot what cogito means.  You’re gonna find out about that one, too.

And…it gets serious at times and sad, but it’s the good kind of sad, the kind you and I need to remember.  Bring your Kleenex, first to dab your eyes, but then…to wipe off the coffee you just blew.  We promise…..and we deliver.

COMING SOON!!!  Here are just some of the chapters:           

– Remedial Boinking
– Cogito Ergo…Humpy Humpy
– What Happened to Matilda?
– Nemesis
– Three Frogs
– No Fly Zone
– Calling All Frogs
– Big Fucking Snake
– The Accidental Birder
– Illsa and the Geese
– Squeakie
– Life Lessons about Death
– Feeding Turtles
– What Happened to the Deer?
– Oogie!
– The Biggest Deer You Ever Saw
– Animals Die and People Die…and it’s Different
– What to Do When You’re Dog’s Smarter than You
– All Creatures Great and Obnoxious
– Moose and Hunchy

Once you get into the book, if you have a question for a particular character, visit the Ask the Characters – Submit a Question section and…ask the character anything you like.  That character will respond directly to you.  The best, most interesting or intriguing questions will be posted.

Humpy Humpy and Other Infamous Animal Stories
pre-order today

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