A Universe of Metal Sculpture – by Henry Harvey

A Universe Of Metal Sculpture

A Universe
of Metal Sculpture







“Henry Harvey’s delightful and scintillating writing style presents his universe of sculpting and divulges secrets and tips on everything from metal working tools, the creative process, and life as an artist.”

Once you get into the book, if you have a technical or sculpting question for Mr. Harvey, please email him at harveygallery64@gmail.com. Here are some sample chapters:

Chapter One: Creation of Outdoor Sculptures

Chapter Two: Creation of a Wall AbstractPhoto Gallery: Square Abstracts

Chapter Three: Creating an Abstract

Chapter Four: CrossBow
Photo Gallery: Outdoor Abstracts

Chapter Five: Jet Flux & Plasma Cutter Techniques
Photo Gallery: Radial Abstracts

Chapter Six: Time Machines
Photo Gallery: Triangle Abstracts

Chapter Seven: Outdoor Abstracts with Lexan

Chapter Eight: Kitchen as Sculpture
Photo Gallery: Stix

Chapter Nine: Creation of an Abstract Fountain

Chapter Ten: Synergy and the Cross-pollinating the Arts

Chapter Eleven: Creation of Unique Coffee Tables
Memorable Commission: MGM Sorcery Fountain

Chapter Twelve: Creation of an Organic Abstract

Chapter Thirteen: Sculpting in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter Fourteen: Galaxy Fountains

Photo Gallery: Jewelry

Chapter Fifteen: Creation of a Copper Leaf Bench

Chapter Sixteen: Interview

Chapter Seventeen: Some Parting Thoughts

A Universe of Metal Sculpture

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  • A Universe of Metal Sculpture
    Henry Harvey's delightful and scintillating writing style presents his universe of sculpting and divulges secrets and tips...
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