“We Have All The Time In The World”

Okay, we’re going to descend into that “dark place” for a little bit, so…if you’re not up to it, bail out right about now.  Way back when, (1969) before a bunch of you were born, I took Pamela out for a movie date.

aaa majesty

James Bond’s most bittersweet movie.

It was Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which got mixed reviews, though Pam and I loved it.  In particular, we loved the variations of the song and score, which ran through it.  Louis (don’t call him Louie… he didn’t like it)

aaa louis armstrongArmstrong sang the song, “We have all the time in the world”.   Funny thing is, musically, the song doesn’t match the lyrics…at all.  The lyrics are positive and upbeat.  We have ALL the time in the world!!!  Unfortunately, if you’re into the bones upon which the lyrics are hung, all go down or into a minor key, which whispers in your ear that things aren’t what they seem.  Have a listen with your mate:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMxRDTfzgpU

Pam and Henry

The Beginning of the Beginning

In 1969, Pamela and I were dating.  We were infatuated with each other which is possibly the “shallow end of the pool” of where love begins.  At first, you can’t stand a second without your mate.  That’s infatuation, like it or not.  Later, when you’ve been through years, decades of suffering, and you realize that your mate…who is not even close to being perfect, is your mate for the duration of your life.  You say things to yourself, “C’mon…IF there’s a God…IF you’re listening, give me the cancer, give me the lymphedema, give me the pain.”

It’s no longer about mini skirts and eye shadow……   And while your brain is re-translating what life is all about, Mr. Armstrong comes on Spotify and tells you that, “We have ALL the time in the world” and the minor keys and the trailing off of each lyric burrow into your soul, and for the first time, you actually get it.

We don’t have all the time in the world…we really don’t.  And it’s sad.  If we’re really, really lucky, we get to find and link with our grand amour.  If we’re really, really lucky, we luck-in to a life that leaves the world a little better from our having been here, and that’s about it.  And then we’re gone.

aaaaa mountains







Metaphorically, when Pamela and I began coming down to this Asheville, Black Mountain, this Old Fort area, we became infatuated.  We loved the mountains, the humor, the kindness, but we didn’t see the sadness, and that’s perhaps the most appealing thing of the folks down here.  If this place were a song, it would have terrific lyrics and humor and wisdom, but very, very much like Mr. Armstrong’s song, every lyric has a sadness built into it and the sadness is not what you get when you first move down.

Humor is the remedy.  Humor is what makes the heart beat in this small bubble in the south.  But sadness and resolve are what cause the humor, and you fall all the harder for that realization.

the-trouble-is-you-think-you-have-time-orlando-espinosa1The longer we are here, the more we fall in love.  What’s saddest of all is when you get to a point in life where you realize the truth of that song.  It’s a lament.  We don’t have all the time in the world.  None of us does.  Do what you’re gonna do.  Go kiss your mate and really look into his or her eyes….while you still can.


P.S.  Sadly, I have lost a couple of old friends this year……..no, not the way you might think.  They are still walking the planet and sniffing the flowers.  I hope they are,  but they changed…or maybe we did……..or maybe it’s that they didn’t change, and in the blink of an eye, things, people and relationships can vanish.  Appreciate your friends.  Hug your mate!  And appreciate your new friends; you can learn much.

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  1. Henry Harvey says:

    This theme is hitting home more than I would like this year. Too many losses. some like my brother-in-laws mom passing, others while there bodies are here their minds often are not, a kid I babysat for fighting many bouts of cancer & hoping to be around to see her kids become adults (she lost her husband to a heart attack 8years ago & her oldest is in jr high, my son’s brother-in-law losing his arm & shoulder due to a rare cancer, Casey’s heart almost failing (a defibrillator/pace maker has made him healthier than he’s been in years), cousins wife with cancer….
    I’m trying to live & love to the fullest.

    Off to try zip lining.


  2. Henry Harvey says:

    Wow…….. That’s about all any of us can do…appreciate the special time and special moments we have, and then buckle-up for the rest.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve had way more than your share this year. Big hug to both you and Casey.

  3. Henry Harvey says:

    Thank you! Incredible read. Blessings to you and your family.
    Phyllis Paton.

  4. Henry Harvey says:

    Thanks Phyllis, that means a lot.
    Best to you and your beautiful family as well.

  5. Henry Harvey says:

    Thanks. Love it!

  6. Henry Harvey says:

    Hi Rachel,

    We’ve all had a pretty tough year. Hoping this will be much better in the coming months.

  7. mo says:

    Hello dears
    I love both of you too…. much .I am wishing all good times for you, and praying for your best health, and happiness. I am still alive and gaffing around. I think life will pass anyway
    a big hug and kiss for both of you!

    sincerely yours old friend Mo

    long live

    • Henry Harvey says:

      Hello Mo!
      It is always a special treat hearing from you! These are complicated and frightening times. I long for the kinder simpler days and have always appreciated your wisdom as well as your sense of humor. My very very best to you and your family.

      Henry and Pamela

  8. Henry Harvey says:

    Never cease to hug……

    Henry, my MS diagnosis yielded to seperation, then divorce 10 days later. I didn’t date. I didn’t live, other than to run. Running was my companion.

    After several thousand miles and pairs of shoes, it was time to change my location. Alaska is where I went to high school and that’s where I was heading. Leaving Cape Cod heading west through the south, stopping in Waco where my mother lives, she needed help with her affairs. So I promised 90 days, then another. Before you knew it, could spank me it was a year. Sherrell came into my life. She advertised in the voice personals. I had read these as comic relief, but hers was different. She didn’t sound “needy.” That was 21 years ago. We hug a lot. We know there may not be a tomorrow the way yesterday was. I write this as today is our first day of beach time and we are planning each day, starting with a hug! Thank you for reminding me that others need to hug. Namaste

  9. Henry Harvey says:

    Beautifully written, poetic, and from your heart. You made my day my friend. As a typical writer (we are all brazen thieves) I may try to steal one line in your email. “We know there may not be a tomorrow, the way yesterday was” Beautiful…perfect. I hope the other end of that thought continues with “but we’re sure going to try.”

    The hugs are exactly that important. Thank you Bruce and a great big Platonic hug for Sherrell!

  10. Henry Harvey says:

    Hi HENRY , you are such a smart man I love reading your articles and how you bring your love of Pam to us. Keep up the good work!

    Phyllis Shelton

  11. Henry Harvey says:

    Hi Phyllis,
    It’s great to hear from you! How are you doing up there? Pam and I think of you often and…boy-oh-boy would you fit in down here! Pam and I are the happiest we’ve been since possibly ever. Yes, we’re a little creakier with every passing year, but I’m pretty sure that happens everywhere.
    We’re situated in a place that couldn’t be better suited for us if we’d started with a fresh sheet of paper. Of the 12 acres, about seven of them resemble a wooded golf course with waterfalls(s), only instead of putting greens we have sculpture dotting the property. About 500 feet from us is a destination of 350′ falls and we have people slowing and asking to see the sculptures several times a day. Good people, nice people and fun to talk to.
    Once again, you have a GORGEOUS place up in NJ, but you have a solid permanent invite to come down and remember what southern hospitality is really like.
    Big bug hug!

    Henry and Pam.

  12. Phil says:

    Years ago I made several sculptures about time.  One is called “Time is a thief”.  Just a minute…wait a minute…hold it a minute…..no, no, no!  Time gone is gone.  The other is “Time, the path”.   There can be redemption….don’t waste your time….make the best use of it.  In the average time of about 75-80 years on this planet, our time here is geologically insignificant.   So….make the best of it or sit there, stare at the floor and complain about what you don’t have. Worship false gods….i,e, money, things, expensive cars, etc….. when a true genuine friendship (you) or true love (Pat) is worth so much more. Stop wasting time.  
    Good writing my aging but youthful friend.

  13. Henry Harvey says:

    I always wait eagerly for a response from you and so far, I’ve never been disappointed. First question is: Do you still have the sculptures…or…do you have an image of them you could share?
    Second one, designed to raise eyebrows and generate exciting discussions: How to you tell which ones are the false gods??? Hitch would think the answer quite easy: None of them. And almost everyone else would grin and say, That’s easy! Mine is the one true god and with that, as Jackie Gleason used to say, “And awaaaaay we go!”
    For the first time in a while, neither of us are wasting much time at all. Stayed up to late with some new friends trying to figure out who we all really are, and spent today scared to near incontinence on the wrong kind of ladder, too far up in a tree, attempting to hang a too heavy sculpture. I really HATE ladders, but it was worth it.
    Sooo…hope you can get away down here in the new future. I can promise good food, good “shine” and kinda so-so conversation. Two outta three ain’t bad.

    P.S. The title of your sculpture jogged my memory. Great old movie, “One Touch of Venus” (Ava Gardner) as Venus, singing “Speak Love” One of the lyrics was: Time is so old, and love so brief.
    Love is pure gold….and Time’s the thief. This was my first recollection of falling in love.

  14. Henry Harvey says:

    Hi you two,
    Your messages ring true for me and I
    enjoy your honest feelings and ability to communicate them so well. Each day is a new adventure. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Henry Harvey says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Good to hear from you! We think of you often and with fond memories. We find greater clarification with each passing year as to what’s important…and what isn’t. Time is at the top of the list along with love and friendship. The rest…not so much.
    Still marveling at the property we bought, purely on gut-feeling. Large waterfalls, stream, pond, mountains, etc. etc. And then yesterday (you’d think this impossible) we discovered how to access about 1800 feet of picturesque stream we thought was unreachable. Making a path with my Kubota and feel like Lewis and Clark…….well, that’s pushing it, but you get the idea.

    You have a permanent invitation. We have a dedicated guest house with its own driveway about 100 yards from the main house…and next to a stream. If you need to get away, let us know. The food down here and the things to do will amaze you. The nickname for the area is “Paris of the South.”
    Big hug! Henry and Pamela

  16. Debbie says:

    Well, where do I begin. As a birthday has recently passed I have actually been thinking “We don’t have all the time in the world.” I never comtemplated that I would be this age, with a grown son, a home of my own, and some dearly aging pets. I think about how many more days/years that we have left on this earth and think, “Hmmmm, not many really” But if you have a life well lived and love in your life, it is enough. I read a thing once about a mother and a daughter saying goodbye at an airport and wishing one another Enough. Here’s the poem: I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how grey the day may appear.

    I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.

    I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

    I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

    I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

    I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

    I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

    (The copyright for this poem belongs to the author: Bob Perkins)

    So I say to you and Pam.
    I wish you enough

  17. Henry Harvey says:

    Beautiful, Deb!!!

    Poem’s great, too! Wish you were down here right this moment. After four months, we’re still pinchin’ ourselves. We lucked into the perfect property for us. This isn’t like anything I’ve come upon before.

    After all the time we’ve spent here already, we just now found a new section of stream 1500 feet long and secluded, meanders up to the waterfalls. Your first thought would be, “……..and you just found it now?????” Yeah.

    Hope all is going GREAT up there! If you get a moment, please say “Hi” to the other nice ones at Wegmanns. Mary Ann in the bakery, Donna, Gene, Sharon, Rick (in seafood)…Harry Snyder. Hope they’re doing great as well.

    The light’s still on, if you get a chance to visit.
    BIG HUG!

    Henry and Pam.

  18. Henry Harvey says:


    You use music a lot to make your points or show a metaphor. Are you a musician?

    Marc S.

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