…Better than people?

31-01 AAA Dangling Dingle BerriesHow many people can you name, whom you would love to have around 24 hours a day, can make you LAUGH, even when you’re ready to put your fist through the wall, and ask only that you hug them and give them a dog biscuit once in a while?  If you have a number other than zero, I’m not buyin’ it.   These guys are just the absolute best dogs I’ve ever had…bar none and I’ve had a bunch of breeds.  They’re featured in The Antlers Inn, Playing on the Black Keys,  I’m Only Two People,  37 Cents a Fart, and Humpy Humpy.  And there may be a few more.  The one on the left in this photo tried to save me from a diesel locomotive doing 50 mph.  He lived and….he can do no wrong now.  He’s funny, but they all are.  When Pam and I retire to that big…hole in the ground, we’re going to provide for a whole slew of these guys…these Boston terriers.


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