Donald Trump Speaks To GOP Women's GroupsThere’s a lot to cover so let’s get to it.  First, let’s point out some of Donald John Trump’s more endearing qualities:

1.  He’s interesting as hell to watch…sort of like a nature special when a king cobra attempts to eat a porcupine.  You just gotta watch.

2.  Because of the vast wealth he has accumulated (keep in mind, he started out by inheriting vast wealth) he is unafraid of much of anything.  It’s refreshing, particularly in light of all the behind-the-scenes GOP back-stabbing.  Trump is not a back-stabber.  He’s a front-stabber.  I actually prefer that.

3.  He is the consummate P.T. Barnum.  He wanders on stage and for the entire time you watch, you’re just fascinated.

4.  I’ll get to number four in a minute.  You might find it interesting, and hopefully  you haven’t heard this anywhere else.

14833SS_PR_GOP_100115republicanPutting aside politics for a couple of micro-seconds, if you are a Republican, here is why you should be very  concerned about running down the Trumpy-Trail.  We’ve already established that Trump’s main weapon is denigrating one’s opponent: “You’re a loser!”  This sounds great when he’s attacking someone you don’t like.  As a Republican, however, do you value the power of your vote?  Donald Trump directly threatens to derail the GOP and take the power of your vote away from you by becoming a spoiler…a third party candidate.   If you really don’t like Hillary Clinton, Trump is someone you should back away from.

As a point of fact, many savvy Republicans are wondering if this isn’t some weird and wonky plan by the liberals to derail the GOP…by getting Trump to establish a third party to split the votes so that….YOUR VOTE WON’T COUNT.

Megyn-KellyIf you’ve read more than one or two of my essays, you know how I feel about women.  I would love to see how the world would shift for the better if human beings, not conflicted by testosterone (women)  could back the planet away from the edge of annihilation.   Trump’s comments to women weren’t funny.  They weren’t amusing and his sideways comment about Megyn Kelly’s being off because it was “her time of the month” should be reason enough to sideline him.   Enough is enough is enough.

Merely saying afterwards, Oh, that’s not what I chicken shit and unworthy even of Trump.


joemccarthyDo you remember the name, Senator Joe McCarthy?  If you’re of a younger generation,  it might be a bit fuzzy.  Using a technique very similar to Donald Trump’s, McCarthy launched an extremely effective  Hate-Fear Campaign.  If McCarthy didn’t like you, you were hauled in to face the House Un-American  Activities Committee.  They were big-time.  They were televised. McCarthy spared no one in what became known as the Red Scare.  Thousands upon thousands of lives were ruined.  Afterwards, it was considered an out-and-out witch hunt.

WAR & CONFLICT BOOKERA:  WORLD WAR II/PERSONALITIESMcCarthy didn’t say, “You’re a Loser.”  He said,  “You’re a commie.” Few people survived the hatchet job.  When did it end?  Glad you asked.  I was a kid watching the hearings and McCarthy, having gotten to the point where he thought himself invincible, attacked  Dwight Eisenhower, our WWII five-star general, was pivotal in orchestrating the downfall of Nazi Germany

There was a moment on live TV and the world finally realized what Joe McCarthy really was.  A destroyer and disruptor of America.  The end came quickly.

If you were taking an SAT test, the simile would go like this: Joe McCarthy is to “You’re a Commie as….  Donald Trump is to……”You’re a Loser.”   It sounds funny, until one day Trump notices you, the little guy on his radar.  “You aren’t doing so hot financially?  Well, then…you’re a loser.”

FOX NEWS:  Look at Donald Trump’s track record from just this last debate (and you can’t call foul and say it was biased against the GOP),  Fox is about as right-wing biased as it gets.  In just one debate, he threatened to cripple the GOP, take ’em out.  In that one action, your votes and mine become meaningless.  We just lost and Trump becomes the king maker.  That’s not how a democracy or even a republic is supposed to work.

Not content with that, he went on to insult Fox News hugely and all of women on planet earth, HUGELY.

Then he took pot shots, terrible personal shots at virtually every one of the candidates.  If you’re a Republican you would be well within your rights to wonder if this really wasn’t some form of masterful Machiavellian plan by the liberal left.  (Not to worry.  We’re not that intelligent)  By the way, though I take Fox to task much of the time, with regard to the debate…Bravo, and Good Show!   Excellent questions.  Hard-hitting.  Keep it up!

How would you rate Donald Trump’s success with one of the most important decisions a human being can make…..the choosing of a mate?  At the moment, Mr. Trump is on wife number three.  But…does anyone remember a bunch of years back this statement by Trump?   When he was considering running for president…last time, he was asked, “Do you think the fact that you’re currently not married will hurt you in the campaign?”  His reply was,  “Hey–  I can go out and get a wife by tomorrow.  No problem.” If you’re of the superior female gender, does that…just kinda annoy you?  Are you a toaster?  Are you a micro-wave oven?


When all else fails, look at History:  Look at some great rulers:  Lincoln, Washington, Theodore Roosevelt,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Harry Truman,   Mahatma Gandhi,  Martin Luther King.   You may agree or disagree with a couple but you know that these men were smart, knew the issues, and were not afraid to make tough decisions …for…the…good…of…the…country.   Trump’s main loyalty, possibly his only loyalty…is to himself.  That doesn’t work.

titan IIThe Commander in Chief with his finger on the Button:  As many of you know already, I was a captain in the United States Air Force.  I was a pilot, a Tempest officer, and.…….a LES officer at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ.

At the time, Tucson had 18 Titan II missiles in dedicated silos surrounding it.  My job as a LES  (Launch Enable) officer was to get the “birds” up and ready to go, verify, go to that last possible moment and then very carefully take it all back to safe mode.

It was work that made you kinda stop and think.    The Commander in Chief of the United States of America absolutely MUST have a cool, professional head on his shoulders.  We still have the ability to annihilate the planet with our warheads.  Donald Trump is one of the last human beings on this planet that I’d want making these decisions.  This one distinction alone rules him out…as president.

Which brings me to a hopeful conclusion with an actual suggestion:  As nauseatingly  hippy, pinko liberal as ole Joe McCarthy used to say,  I believe in a two-party system.  It’s shaky as hell and I think the GOP has to go back to being conservative center-right, not radical conservative, extreme right.  The point is, they need to have a fair shake at this election.   Donald Trump isn’t the liberals’ friend and he isn’t yours either.  You have a right to your vote.  Don’t waste it.  It’s what thousands of our soldiers  died for.

hist_20_ww2_leaders_pic_patton_georgeTrumpinatorWhat to do with Trump?   No, I’m not going to give you a snide answer.  We’ve got an important job for you, Mr. Trump! Remember another famous person in WWII ?  Remember General George S. Patton?  The Battle of the Bulge?  Donald Trump, though he hasn’t actually served in the military, would make one helluva front man for our military.   Sorta like Patton, Dirty Harry (Go ahead, make my day) and John Gotti, and Tony Soprano rolled into one.  We do need a “boogey man”, hit man, front man to send in on occasion and scare the hell out of some small country that wants to mix it up.  Go in Donald, bluster, threaten, get red-faced and see if maybe you can use your bravado…to actually help America.

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12 Responses to "The TRUMPINATOR"

  1. Henry Harvey says:

    Well said!! The only question this ‘ol liberal would ask is whether we dems should welcome a run against Trump – even as the GOP nominee. His lifelong propensities of bluster, bullying – and implosion will certainly continue, and one would hope even with his billions, the radical right could not get him elected.

    That debate featured 10 very frightening characters (at least to may way of thinking). I agree our country (typically) functions better under a 2-party system; however, in light of a Republican Congress and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court (and that branch’s balance potentially lying with the next POTUS), I firmly believe it is essential we maintain a Democratic Whitehouse.

    Just my 2-cents . . . .

    And, as always, I truly appreciate your insightful, provocative and extremely well-written essays.

    Kindest regards,

    Laura R.

  2. Henry Harvey says:

    You bring up a nicely nuanced question: Of course, I want to see a Democratic White House for the forseeable future. But I believe in the very long view that if you only have one party, the inherent faults of that party get out of control. Sort of like what happens when you marry your sister. The gene pool suffers.

    It’s always dangerous talking of politics and religion with someone you don’t know well. Things can blow up instantly.

    Having said that… I’ll fly close to the flame now and say, a whole lot of what Bernie Sanders is saying is unambiguous, clear-headed, and would probably help the country if enacted.

    Yeah, he sounds like that cartoon aardvark on tv when he talks, yeah he’s very Jewish, which a lot of America isn’t up for, and he uses terms which scare most Americans on a gut level. Socialism comes to mind.

    I think that stems back to the “good ole days” of McCarthyism when USSR had the word Socialist right in the name!

    Then think about the Social security check everyone can’t wait to get. That’s pure socialism as is Medicare, and any number of programs which we already have. Norway and Sweden are doing just fine with it. Socialism just sounds like a dirty word to the US.

    But they will roast ole Bernie on a spit, for being unafraid of addressing huge topics head-on.

    Oops…. I went on more than I intended. Sorry ’bout that.

    Whatever your religion, lack of religion, or core politic, your comments were as professional as I’ve seen. I’m guessing you’re a writer of some sort. You don’t resonate like a rookie. Nicely done!

    Hope you’ll continue to write in. Your input is valued and I promise you’ll be heard whether you agree or vehemently disagree.


  3. Henry Harvey says:

    Great article, Henry, this guy has to go!!!!!! You should try to publish this in the NYT, bet they take it!!!!
    Phyllis S.

  4. Henry Harvey says:

    Hey Phyllis!

    Funny you should mention the New York Times. I sent it out yesterday. We’ll see. It may be a bit too over-the-top for them, but…nothing ventured.


  5. Henry Harvey says:

    You are Fabulous! Thanks much.

    Annette P.

  6. Henry Harvey says:

    Thanks Annette,
    If I really believed that, I’d be….Let’s see, what’s the word? Rhymes with asshole.
    These are important as well as scary times. I wish Cronkite, Murrow, Sevareid, Huntley and Brinkley were here to tell us the truth. I promise you this: I will NEVER knowingly write something that’s untrue.

  7. Henry Harvey says:

    Bravo Henry!
    That debate was a travesty to the GOP.
    He was a clown, I don’t understand why he is so far ahead in the polls. I’m befuddled.
    Chris F.

  8. Henry Harvey says:

    Dear Befuddled,

    Remember the Jerry Springer Show? Everybody tuned in to see the latest train wreck or cat fight. Two 300 lb. sisters would be dating the same 90 lb guy…and they’d get into a fist-fight.
    Yeah, we all love to tune in to see what Trump’s gonna do next, sort of like reality TV. But would you want him sitting in the Situation Room in the West Wing deciding whether to start WWIII???

  9. Linda L. says:

    You can tell a dinosaur from his words and his actions. Trump only respects wealthy males and female sycophants.
    He is a bully who can dish it out, but can’t take it. His shit-fits are getting boring….could this be early dementia???????
    My name for his species is now
    Keep up the great writing!

  10. Henry Harvey says:

    Ahhh, yes, I remember you! You’re that wild one who writes in every once in a while. Well, today I beg to differ with you regarding Trump. You say he only respects wealthy males and female sycophants. I don’t believe his respect goes even that far. It stops at the mirror when he gazes lovingly into it.
    Bullytrumposaurus… Now I like that!
    What planet in our solar system would he come from??? (Hint: It starts with a “U”

  11. Henry Harvey says:

    I’m not sure…that was a bit ambiguous.
    Thanks for writing, Marie!

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