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kubota teaserMorning from Bucks County, PA, where we’ve been battening down the hatches for a blizzard that’s supposed to be…the big one.  Snow accumulations anywhere from 14″ to 36″ depending on how many of the hurricane’s “arms” actually smack you in the face, plus gusting anywhere from 25-50 mph winds.  Being the last house in a half-mile of deep woods, I do the plowing.  And yet, with all that…I’m kinda psyched.  Ever since I was a little kind, BIG weather was exciting.  I’m in between shifts right now.  Can’t plow it all at once and so…what am I doing?  Writing to you and if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

You The Readers:  In the past couple of years of blogging/essaying I’ve discovered that every blog and magazine has a demographic.  It’s only recently, however that I really discovered who YOU are.  Interested?  Of course, with notable exceptions, you’re not teenagers, you’re over 30 and already have a pretty good handle on what you like.

What was interesting to me is that you also fall (this is from my perspective) into Four Categories:  (1) Those who know me from my books and when you write in you ask, “And what’s with this sculpting stuff?” (2) Those who collect art or are artists and ask, “What’s with all this book stuff?” (3) The most fun:  “I’m reading your blogs and I feel like I have my own personal therapist…but Who the hell are you?” (4) Lastly, I have old friends who write with wit to launch the occasional bon mot or wry comment.

Today, in between saving my neighbors from an eternity of being snowed-in and possibly freezing to death, I’m sending you a bit of propaganda that’s being launched by Delaware Valley University for a lecture I’m about to give.   If you’re curious, scroll down.  More importantly, if you’re an artist, writer, or inventor…scroll down.  Most of the You Tube links are short, concise, and may make you smile…particularly the first and last one.

And if you have no interest whatsoever in art, writing, or inventing….I do very often talk about Sex.  You gotta find one of those to be interesting.  Sooooo…  Here it is:  Propaganda…with some cool videos.

Best, Henry


Though we don’t customarily send out much advanced information about our speakers, this artist’s lecture should prove to be a particularly interesting one.  Here’s a shot info-bio below:

HRH MODThe artist this week is Bucks County sculptor/novelist, Henry Harvey.  Although the main focus of this lecture is Harvey’s 40+ years of metal sculpting, Harvey’s accomplishments in writing are equally formidable.  18 novels and several books on his life as a sculptor, book tours and lectures.

One of Harvey’s main thrusts in his lectures addresses: The Overlap in the Arts.

sculpture collage AA






Whether you’re a painter, poet, musician, inventor, knitter, weaver, or chef extraordinaire, each of these talents overlaps in an exciting form of synergy which can actually be focused.

The second point that comes out quickly is that artists are nothing more than people who’ve managed to protect the child inside them.  Having silver in your hair doesn’t preclude your being a little kid.  That “kid” can often be your secret weapon.

On one level, Harvey’s goal is to entertain as well as inform, though his more serious goal is to find that special member of the audience who still has the spark of curiosity to nurture and turn into a flame.  Whether you’re baking a wild new kind of bread or getting lost in your watercolors, or… inventing a car that doesn’t need windshield wipers, Harvey has advice, matched with a sense of humor.

The combined number of outdoor sculptures for corporations, fountains, abstracts, mobiles and traditional sculpture is too daunting to attempt to envelope here. His sculpture website is  Be advised:  It’s big and it’s exciting!

A PAssion for Metal by metal sculpor Henry Harvey

If you should choose to dig deeper still, or entertain the thought of taking up metal sculpting, Harvey has two excellent books out published by Schiffer Publishing.   A Passion for Metal and  A Universe of Metal Sculpture .   There is also an interview with Harvey with the PBS series dealing with Bucks County Artists.

Cover photo of A Universe of Metal Sculpture by Henry Harvey

Cover photo of A Universe of Metal Sculpture by Henry Harvey




Along that same line, Harvey has eight narrated You Tube Videos that give you an inside look to the work and the man:                                    

A Universe of Metal Sculpture                    

40 Cool Outdoor Sculptures                         

A Passion for Metal   

50 Cool Galaxy Fountains                                    

38 Traditional Wall Sculptures                   

60 Abstract Wall Sculptures                            

33 Very Cool New Sculptures                        

37 Cents a Fart and Other Infamous Animal Stories



And…if you’re a budding writer or poet, there is a fascinating website:

Lastly, if you are of a more pragmatic bent,  Harvey is a multi-patented inventor with many tips for new as well as established inventors.  Come on out, bring that little kid that is inside you.. and be prepared to have a bit of fun!

Patent Poster

6 Responses to "How We Know Each Other…"

  1. Henry Harvey says:

    We had an aquarium in the wall I installed when we built our house some 15 years ago. The pump seal failed. We had a mess on our hands then Sherrell said I am getting too clumsy to do the required maintenance on our beautiful salt water oasis, so a search ensued for a safer alternative with a water theme. A few weeks later, whist on the road, I came home to a HUGE carton begging to be opened. Once the layers were peeled back, a most beautiful 4′ x 7′ water feature revealed itself projecting an image of the “Universe.” Wow! She also got your book, A Passion for Metal. So, naturally I had to get on your Facebook page.

  2. Henry Harvey says:

    Hey there!
    Glad you’re still enjoying the fountain! Good to hear and…stay warm and safe.

  3. Henry Harvey says:

    You know you are REALLY going to piss me off if you don’t show on Labor Day Weekend for our 50th Reunion… I am really enjoying your writing and would like some one on one conversation, even if only minutes … others will enjoy also..
    Here’s the house I lived in with Liz standing in front in 2006 after our 40th reunion.. you remember that house, right? 😉

    Hope shoveling/plowing goes well… I will never forget March of 1993 when I was in York at a convention and we got a mere 38 inches…

    Plow well!!


    • Henry Harvey says:

      Hey Charlie!

      As always, good to hear! Glad you’re enjoying the blogs/essays. Sometimes I get my ass kicked with a couple of the topics, but that’s part of the deal. Still not done plowing….


  4. Laurie B says:

    Henry, I met you at a book signing in Asheville at Barnes and Noble and bought a copy of 37 Cents a Fart and Other Infamous Animal Stories for my husband. He really enjoyed your book!
    We chatted about dogs and Black Mountain. Keep up the good work!

    • Henry Harvey says:

      Hi Laurie!

      Thanks for remembering! 37 Cents was a wonderful project for me and the people I’ve met on the tour were just amazing. Don’t know if you knew this or not, but my wife, Pamela, was the impetus behind this book.
      She came to me one morning with tiny spiral notebook…crammed with her scribblings. She had quietly kept notes on some of the funny, sad, weird things that our animals have done on the property. She asked me if I’d write up the anecdotes….just for her. I did, but then my publisher heard about it and asked to see. Animal people are the best people in the world!


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