Ed the Rastafarian explains Multiplicity of Dimensions

Ed the RastafarianRodgers G: This question is for Ed, the Rastafarian in the…(do I even call it a novel?) weird philosophy novel entitled: Pissing in the Wind. You appear to have some sort of inroad to truths not known to many others in the world. I am particularly interested in your premise of such a multiplicity of dimensions. Did it ever occur to you that you may not have any dimension at all? That you are just a character in a book, a cosmic philosophical joke?

Ed: Oh, Mon… You worry me very much with that question.

Rodgers G.: Because you suspect it might be true?

Ed: Oh. No, Mon. The truth is I already know that I am just a character in a book. That is not my concern. What worries me is: What is the extent of this? Is it not possible that you, too are just a character in…some other book, and a person reading this is just another character in an even larger book?

Rodgers G.: Mmmm… I don’t think we’re going to solve that one. Okay, you have made your case for the multiple dimensions. Don’t you think a lot of people are going to say, “That’s just baloney. There are three dimensions. Case closed.”?

Ed: I suspect that no harm will come to anyone believing in just three dimensions. It’s just incorrect, that’s all. Just to make the point, there has to be the fourth dimension…Time. Everything that is palpable, the seat you’re sitting on..exists in time. So we’re up to four without so much as the blink of an eye. Now, anti-matter exists. It is being tracked and weighed, its potential for destruction calculated and the only way Quantum mechanics works at all is by accepting this fact. With anti-matter comes anti-dimensions. The dimension of up and down, right and left, and forward and backward…the three axes…they all have their counterpart in the anti-matter universe…anti-matter up, down and so forth. And don’t forget time again. There is anti-time. That brings us up to eight very real dimensions without so much as raising a sweat.

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