“I Used to be Cool…” Send us a Photo of you…at your Coolest, and One from…Now.

Henry at Plaza Escondida copyAt one point I considered going into a little t-shirt sideline, just for the hell of it.  A little website entitled “I Used to be Cool!” :  Send us a photo of you at your absolute coolest.  Could be on your Harley, or skinny dipping, making out with some chippy, playing with a stray dog, but it was when you were younger and MUCH cooler than you are now.

Doesn’t it really piss-you-off, going through a check-out line, trying to buy a candy bar, and some pimple-faced 17-year old, catches sight of your character lines, maybe a scar or two and dismisses you as beneath contempt?   With the t-shirt you could walk up, buy your candy bar….. point to the shirt…and say cheerfully, “Hey!!!   Douche bag!!!  Way-back when…I used to be cooler than you!  WAAAAAY cooler!!!

Here’s your chance.  Send us photos, two, to be exact:  The coolest shot you can find of yourself……and…one from this year (the fuggly one).  The only solace you can take is…sooner or later, time catches up with everyone.  There’s a Photoshop program that realistically ages you, 10,20,30 years.  I wanna see Justin Bieber, bald and with a beer gut.

C’mon, you know you want to do it.  Fish around in that desk drawer and find that one shot that’s the REAL you!  Then put on Led Zep and turn it up to “Broil”.



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  1. Renee Duchamp says:

    My local newspaper has started a trend that has caught on big time. In the obituary section, relatives are submitting photos of their parents in their prime! WWII bomber jackets, nurses in crisp uniforms, etc. What a great way to be remembered!

    I would like to be seen wearing my micro mini skirt, long hair, tall boots, and a huge smile, because I’m not wearing any underwear. Dream on!

    Renee D.

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