23-02 AAA Reginald Van Scooter the Fourth of CrossBowLast night Pamela and I were in our usual back-to-back session in the den…four computer screens glowing (two of em iPads and that’s just the best way I can think of to do editing).  I do the interference editing (the easy stuff) while Pamela catches everything else.  And…as usual, the three dogs were curled up in their dog beds, snoring and…ahem…passing flatus with amazing speed and alacrity.  Pam looked up from the screen and said, “Who do you think is most visible, most represented on your websites and your books?”

Well, I know it wasn’t me.  Writers usually do a lousy job of depicting themselves and I’m no exception.  “You,” I said.

“No… Guess again.”

ScooooootieI knew if it wasn’t one of us, it had to be…Scootie.  He’s a character in several books.  He’s all over my sculpture website, and I can see the trend already with this new website.  Perhaps my Muse isn’t a cool sexy brunette, with the great vocab and the better plot lines than I could ever come up with.  Maybe it’s Scootie.   I’m really cogitating on this one.  Take a close-up look at this guy.  Look at the eyes.  Do they look like the eyes of a Muse?  Yeah, it was Scootie, all right.

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