Why Do You Nibble on Flo’s Toes???

Ed MavenThis question is from Lynn B. concerning the character of Ed Maven in The Antlers Inn.

LYNN B.  Mr. Maven, knowing how chatty and verbose you are, I have not one but three questions for you.  First, How did you make the transition from the corporate world in NYC to Jubilation, PA in the Poconos?  Second…

ED MAVEN:  Excuse me, dear, if you don’t mind I’ll answer these one at a time.  I’m afraid if I don’t, you’re going to have to repeat everything.  It’s not easy getting old.  Okay, where were we?  Yes, corporate world vs. the boonies.  In case you didn’t decipher this in the book, I am a people person.  That has its merits in New York, Singapore, LA, Paris, and even tiny Jubilation, PA, which is an absolute jewel for a tiny town.  In short, it was no problem at all…except…I have to have my once a week Reuben from Carnegies FedExed up here.  It’s my one last thread.

LYNN B.  This isn’t meant as an insult, but…why the accordion?

ED MAVEN: (laughing)  I might just as well ask you, “Why not?”  The real answer, however, is my father loved the accordion and he was Old World.  The only drawback is…try playing any instrument where:  you can’t see the keyboard ever, you have to pump the thing to keep it going, and there are 180 identical black keys on the left side…and you can’t see them either.  I tell you, it was designed by a sadist.  Whew…am I done?

LYNN B.  Just one more question.  In the book, you really, really seem to like Flo’s toes…

ED MAVEN:  Ahhhhhhh…  I’m just reminiscing for a moment.  On a date, she wears stockings and really expensive leather high heels.  First of all, there’s the delicious smell. Mmmmm.  Both just as good is the ritualistic removal of those stockings.  I’m getting excited just thinking about it.  But then…   For me toes are a lot like nipples…only there’s ten of them and they wiggle!  But it isn’t just the toes, that’s where you’re mistaken.  Then it’s the arch of the foot…very sensitive, the well-turned ankle, a pure work of art.  Then we work our way up to the calves, with a thin trail of saliva.  A most holy place in the odyssey is the back of the knee.  This is the most over-looked and wondrous part of a woman’s body, and then a delicious trek up the thigh, until…

LYNN B.  Thank you Mr. Maven.  You answered my questions!

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